An eight-year-old boy from Debrecen drank antifreeze so he would never have to go to school again

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Máté of the eighth grade drank antifreeze so he would never have to go to school again and not hear from his teacher that he is a worthless boy – writes Blikk.

My son wouldn’t hurt himself and he believes life is beautiful, but I didn’t want to let him go to school after his suicide attempt. The fact that they are standing around him and trying to save his life will be a terrible memory that I will never forget,

– said the little boy’s mother to Blikk, holding back her tears.

According to the mother, it all started when Máté, a student in the autism department started the fifth grade. “My son has a little fight with another little boy.” It was a short incident, they were taken off each other, and there was no consequence of what happened, but his teacher has been talking about it every week since then, saying, do you know how dangerous you were then?”

It was Sunday, March 20th. The next morning I had to wake Máté, even though he had always woken up by himself. When he talked backward and I saw how confused he was, I was very scared and I called an ambulance on the advice of our GP assistant.

The journey to the hospital took two hours since Máté was first taken to psychiatry.

This was explained by the fact that my son wrote a farewell letter. Then, when his breathing stopped, an ambulance came, Máté was intubated, resuscitated, and then admitted to the intensive care unit of the county hospital. We were unsure for two days if he would survive. We are so lucky that his kidneys are also completely fine, even though they have been diagnosed with kidney failure.

Matthew was now fully recovered, but it also required his mother not to let him go to school after what had happened.

A man died after drinking antifreeze



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