TV Set Fell on a One-Year-Old Child – She Lost her Life

On September 17th, in Becske, Nógrád County, the TV fell on a one-year-old girl while she was playing. The little girl climbed onto the TV stand, then grabbed the television, which fell on her and caused her such serious injuries that they could no longer save her life in the hospital.

Tractor and Car Collided on Main Roan No. 4 Near Kaba

Yesterday, a tractor and a car collided on the outskirts of Kaba, at kilometer 193 of main road no. 4, on the side leading to Debrecen.


The Renoir exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest has opened

“Renoir is art at the highest level,” said the minister responsible for culture and innovation in his video message at the opening of the Renoir – The Painter and His Models exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts on Thursday.

The World Press Photo exhibition has opened in the Hungarian National Museum

Starting on Friday, the World Press Photo exhibition at the Hungarian National Museum (MNM) will present almost 94 photographs from all over the world.

The Cívis House of the Year award was presented for the first time in Debrecen

Our Heritage Debrecen II. at a local history conference, the Civil House of the Year award was presented at the Déri Museum on September 18, 2023.