A drunk driver caused an accident near Debrecen

A property damage accident occurred on the outskirts of Debrecen on Sunday morning. One of the drivers was detected by the probe, the police initiated proceedings against him.

A 14-year-old boy from Hajdúhadháza stole more than HUF 2 million from a property

The Criminal Division of the Hajdúhadháza Police Department initiated proceedings against a local resident due to well-founded suspicion of committing the crime of theft. According to the investigation, the suspect broke into a property in Hajdúhadháza on March 10, 2023, from which he stole more than HUF 2 million.


A Star Wars and Harry Potter actor has passed away

Paul Grant collapsed outside a London train station, writes Blikk.

Bach will appear on DKV services

During the Bach for Everyone Festival (BMF), we can meet surprise concerts in Debrecen’s public squares and shopping centers, on DKV services, unusual singing lessons, and youth and charity concerts throughout the city between March 19 and 26. Here is the program:

My Beautiful City, My Love – Art Display in Incognito Club

“Stopping time and falling through the gates of eternity” (Gabriella Mallár).