Bitcoin’s birthday is celebrated today in Újkert

Local News

Bitcoin’s birthday will be celebrated on Tuesday at the Ujkert branch of the Péter Méliusz Juhász Library. Those who are interested in the crypto world are invited to learn more about cryptocurrencies. They will have the opportunity to do this for free at Jerikó utca 17-19. from 17:30.

The purpose of the Kripto Tuesday event series is to provide understandable lessons for beginners, but also valuable knowledge for advanced users, about the explosively developing area of the crypto world.

The weekly series of events is based on the news and novelties of the crypto world, as well as exchange rate analyzes and discussions popular with the public.

At the end of each event, viewers have the opportunity to ask questions that arose during the talks.

More details on the event page.

Of course, like any investment, bitcoin has its pros and cons. Risks should always be kept in mind.

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