The Doctors of the University of Debrecen Received Their Iron, Diamond and Gold Diplomas


Professionals who graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Debrecen 65, 60, and 50 years ago received their iron, diamond, and gold diplomas. The faculty welcomed more than a hundred former students at the jubilee graduation ceremony on Saturday.

“For sixty-five, sixty, and fifty years, you diligently and faithfully served Hungarian health care with dedicated work and earned recognition and respect for our country and Alma Mater at home and abroad. Thanks and respect for their willingness to sacrifice and their honest stand. Let their careers be exemplary for young colleagues”  – said Norbert Németh, deputy dean of education at the Faculty of General Medicine, in his festive greeting.

This year, two applied for an iron diploma, thirty for a diamond diploma, and seventy-six for a gold diploma from the Faculty of General Medicine. On behalf of the jubilants, professor emeritus Zoltán Tóth thanked them for the fact that, at their request, the faculty awarded iron, diamond and gold diplomas on the occasion of the sixty-fifth, sixtieth and fiftieth anniversaries of receiving their medical diplomas. In his speech, the former director of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic recalled his university years and the activities of his school-creating professors.

According to Zoltán Tóth, their instructors have done everything they can to practice their chosen profession armed with up-to-date scientific, solid professional, theoretical and practical knowledge.

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