The Spa Medical Center of the Clinical Center in Debrecen has a new manager


From the first of April, rheumatologist Mariann Kiséry, clinical chief physician, leads the Spa Medical Center of the University of Debrecen Clinical Center. The new leader received her credentials from Professor Zoltán Szabó, the president of the Clinical Center, on Tuesday.

Underwater physiotherapy for children at the Clinical Center of the University of Debrecen

It is an honor to have been assigned to lead the Spa Medical Center. I try to perform the tasks entrusted to me to the best of my ability. Based on the center’s stable professional results achieved so far, I would like to develop spa medicine in line with current challenges and expectations, thus further strengthening the clinical center’s patient care activities and the good reputation of the University of Debrecen

– the new head of the Spa Medical Center told Mariann Kiséry, rheumatologist specialist, clinical chief physician.

The Spa Medical Center provides full-scale, complex rehabilitation treatments for patients suffering from degenerative joint disease, in the inactive stage of inflammatory pathologies, and for patients who have received orthopedic, traumatological, and neurosurgical care. Rheumatology clinics operate in the center, which also provides spa therapy. In addition to balneotherapy, a wide range of physiotherapy is also available. Physiotherapists treat patients in individual or group physiotherapy sessions.

The priority goal of the new manager is for patients to get to their appointments as soon as possible and to be able to use the complex treatments offered by the center.

In terms of creating faster patient journeys and more efficient patient care, our most important plans include establishing closer cooperation with clinical co-specialties than before, especially the Orthopedic and Traumatology Clinic, the Neurosurgery Clinic, and the Rheumatology Clinic. In addition, we plan to expand professional relations with colleagues working in primary care

– Mariann Kiséry emphasized.

Mariann Kiséry graduated from the Medical University of Debrecen in 1998, qualified in health economics in 1999, and qualified in rheumatology in 2007. After the university, she performed her healing work at the Rheumatology Department of the Kenézy Gyula Hospital, and since 2019 she has been working at the Spa Center, which she was appointed to lead on April 1st.

The appointment of Marian Kiséry, the new head of the Spa Center, was handed over by Professor Zoltán Szabó, president of the Clinical Center, on Tuesday in the Presidential Office.


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