The students of the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Debrecen received their diplomas


Forty-eight students received their diplomas at the graduation ceremony of the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Debrecen on Friday.

Forty people met the requirements in the full-time master’s program, three in the five-year undivided program, and five in the correspondence master’s program. Freshly graduated teachers, biologists, bioengineers, biotechnologists, geographers, hydrobiologists, chemists and chemical engineers tipped their hats, reports.

The dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology, Ferenc Kun, said in his speech that the faculty is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year. After its foundation in 1949, the backbone of the Faculty of Science and Technology’s training program was still the teaching courses. Thanks to the faculty’s persistent work and forward-looking, wise decisions, the Faculty of Science and Technology has now developed into a regional center for research, development and innovation, which is committed to quality professional training.

The high-quality work carried out at the faculty is an excellent indication of the fact that five organizational units of the faculty received the title of Excellent Research Site of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and ten research groups of the Hungarian Research Network, as well as five momentum and two cutting-edge research groups are currently operating at the Faculty of Science and Technology. The dean also said that the faculty’s training offer is constantly being expanded following the development of industry and science.

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