The Faculty of Informatics had a graduation ceremony


Newly graduated IT specialists received their diplomas at the graduation ceremony of the Faculty of Informatics. At a ceremony held at Díszudvar of the University of Debrecen, around two hundred students who graduated from full-time and correspondence courses received their diplomas.

The leaders of the University of Debrecen and the Faculty of Informatics welcomed the graduating students at the winter graduation ceremony on Friday. In his speech, dean András Hajdu emphasized that thanks to their diploma and knowledge, the graduates have the opportunity to take their place in all areas of life with their expertise.

Due to the acquired information technology knowledge, special attention to the specialized area and the expectations, the responsibility of the professionals who have just graduated is enormous, since information technology is also required by several other fields. The interdisciplinary importance of IT opens up huge opportunities for young professionals to get a glimpse of other fields. Thanks to the development of artificial intelligence, information technology is undergoing continuous changes, the results achieved in the field of deep learning, machine learning, robotics and neural networks have a huge impact on technology and all areas of society. All of this offers unavoidable innovations in health care, transportation, business processes, and environmental protection. Data protection, data use and ethical issues are also playing an increasingly important role, the use of intelligent systems entails new challenges and responsibilities, so IT professionals must participate in social dialogues. The Faculty of Informatics keeps pace with changes and strives to provide students with up-to-date knowledge, to help the development of future professionals with modern infrastructure and study materials

– emphasized the head of the faculty.

160 students in the full-time department and 24 students in the correspondence department successfully passed the final exam and received their diplomas in economic informatics, engineering informatics, program design informatics, business informatics, computer science, informatics teaching-mathematics teaching, and English-Hungarian IT translating.

After the presentation of the diplomas and the student oath, the Faculty of Informatics and the Student Government of the University of Debrecen recognized the excellent students of the Faculty of Informatics with awards. István Kovács Olivér Kovács, former the Faculty of Informatics HÖK representative and Olik Roland, engineer and IT engineer, member of the Campus Hotel Dormitory Cultural Committee, received the Certificate of Recognition of the President and Vice President of the Student Government of the University of Debrecen from Márton Ispály, the deputy dean of the faculty.

The Faculty of Informatics Student Commemorative Medal award was presented, this time to Gábor Vasváry, a certified IT engineer. Jaquad Dorra business informatics, Norbert Czier IT engineer and Péter Zelei IT engineer received the Commendation from the Dean of the Faculty of Informatics and a cash prize in recognition of their high-quality academic results and active social activities. IT engineer Norbert Horváth, IT engineer Norbert Csaba, IT engineer Róth Arnold, IT engineer Balázs Sajó, and certified IT engineer Gábor Vasváry received certificates of recognition for their participation in the Talent Development Program of the University of Debrecen. IT engineer Norbert Csaba Nagy and IT engineer Sándor Szabó received diplomas for participating in the György Hajós Data Science College Program.


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