A load test of bridge models is held at the Faculty of Engineering – picture gallery


A spectacular load test of bridge models is being held today at the Technical Engineering of the University of Debrecen, in the framework of the subject Bridges and Artifacts (Artifact Construction). 26 mini bridges will be presented and tested, and the models must comply with the current technical regulations.

Within the tasks of the subject Bridges and Structures a working bridges model had to be designed and built, which will be test loaded with a distributed load according to the technical norm e-UT 07.01.12, Design of Road Bridges.

The bridges had to have two supports and a free span of 1000mm. The weight of bridges was limited to 1kg, the testing load is 53kg (which is the proportional equivalent of the real load given by the norm). The material and the statical system were free choice, within the framework of the announcement.

The organizers expect 26 bridges for the event, the duration will be approx. 4-5h.

The first bridge withstood the load:

Placement of second bridge:

The student has passed the subject and receives a grade of two if the bridge can handle half of the weights.

The abach wooden bridge has the least deflection. The bridge shows good engineering. Savings could have been made on the wood material. The creators are Ervin Dobos and Ferenc Jankovics.

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