Scientists from Debrecen have created a new blood-clotting molecule


A research group of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Debrecen has created a molecule whose application could make the production of anticoagulation drugs simpler and cheaper. Basic research, which is a milestone in the lives of Debrecen scientists, was recognized by the foundation that maintains the university with a Publication Award.

Although heparin-type anticoagulant drugs can be used excellently in medicine, the synthesis of the active compounds required for them is extremely complicated and can only be produced in 40-50 steps. Associate Professor Mihály Herczeg, working at the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Debrecen, and his colleagues managed to create a new pentasaccharide molecule in laboratory conditions in six months, the preparation of which is significantly simpler, can be solved in fewer steps, while its biological efficiency is almost as good, like the ones available now.

If a pharmaceutical company were to use this procedure and molecule, the production of this group of anticoagulants could become cheaper, thanks to which the consumer price could certainly decrease

– explained the specialist.

The four-person research group led by the Faculty of Pharmacy deputy dean Anikó Borbás and Mihály Herczeg did not protect the discovery with a patent, they published their results in a renowned scientific journal, so they are available to anyone. The researchers add: that after successful animal and human experiments on the molecule, in the best case, it could be a drug available in pharmacies in approximately ten years.

The Gróf Tisza István Foundation for the University of Debrecen recognized the work of the Faculty of Pharmacy specialists with a Publication Award.

Although the project for the synthesis of anticoagulants has already been completed, the research continues, and they are currently dealing with anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer sugar derivatives.

Our work has two basic directions. One is basic research, when we can soar almost freely, we invent the structure and structure of new molecules and investigate their possible biological effects. The other possibility is when medical or biological research groups ask us to synthesize a single molecule. It can be a known compound with a complex structure that is not produced by anyone else in our country, cannot be obtained commercially, or has an unknown derivative. We are also investigating the effects of these compounds

– explained Mihály Herczeg.

The head of the research group emphasized that they are currently the only ones in Hungary dealing with synthetic oligosaccharide chemistry, the construction of sugar molecules with a large number of members.

In connection with heparin derivatives, our name is also known internationally. In connection with the synthesis of oligosaccharide derivatives, we have already received a request from a Taiwanese research group to produce different molecules for them. We prepared several joint publications with them on the latter topic

– explained Mihály Herczeg.

The scientific publication about the new anticoagulant molecule was published in English in The Journal of Organic Chemistry, which can be read by clicking here.


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