Strengthening courses at the Szolnoki Campus of the University of Debrecen


Members of the board of trustees of the Gróf Tisza István Debreceni Egyetemért Alapítvány (GTIDEA), which maintains the university, were able to learn about the UD Szolnok Campus’ admission and educational results so far, as well as its operational and infrastructural background, at an external board of trustees meeting. During the meeting, they discussed opportunities for training development and industrial cooperation with the leaders of the campus and the deans of the faculties present in Szolnok.

The healthcare and economics courses at the Szolnok Campus are exemplary, and it is gratifying that all of this can be supplemented with technical training soon. This direction must be further strengthened so that the higher education in Szolnok, which is being renewed thanks to the University of Debrecen, becomes clearly visible

– said the president of the GTIDEA board of trustees at Monday’s external board of trustees meeting.

György Kossa also emphasized that the University of Debrecen is an excellent provider of higher education in Szolnok, the institution is present in the city with a quality infrastructure and educational portfolio, and the growing number of students proves the raison d’être of the courses.

Zoltán Szilvássy, the rector of the University of Debrecen, pointed out that the structural adoption of the innovation model built in Debrecen could mean the future for Szolnok, and this requires an active dialogue between the university, the city administration, and the companies and financial institutions operating in the region.

We would like to strengthen higher education in Szolnok as much as possible within the possibilities provided by the University of Debrecen. Next year we can reach the number of 1,000 students, and now we have reached the point where we can organize the local industrial infrastructure in addition to higher education. According to the Rector, innovative collaborations can be created to support students along the lines of health science and economics courses.

At the meeting, the leaders of the Faculty of Health Sciences and the Faculty of Economics gave a presentation on the results of local training developments, the available majors and the training structure. Veronika Fenyves, dean of the Faculty of Economics, spoke about the fact that the faculty in Szolnok boasts the highest number of applications in recent years and interest is expected to continue to grow.

Marianna Móré, dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences, pointed out that training courses that are much needed from the point of view of the labor market have started in Szolnok. The faculty in Szolnok conducts education in well-equipped rooms simulating a hospital environment with the help of modern equipment, but even more specialist teachers would like to be involved in the work.

Attila Szabó, director of the Szolnok Campus of the University of Debrecen, gave an overview of the history of higher education in Szolnok, explained that the newly established campus was handed over in 2008, and then the University of Debrecen took over the operation of the local higher education in 2019.

We are also trying to address the counties of Heves, Nógrád and Békés, in these areas too there is a constant high demand for the majors and courses available thanks to the Faculty of Health Sciences and the Faculty of Economics. Compared to the previous year, the number of admitted students doubled this year

– said the campus leader.

Attila Szabó presented the infrastructural and operational background of the DE Szolnok Campus, as well as its IT developments, and emphasized that the local features of the campus also make the University of Debrecen’s courses in Szolnok attractive to applicants. He added that further plans include the complete renovation of the 88-bed dormitory in building B.

The members of the board of trustees visited the buildings of the campus located on the Tiszaliget promenade, the classrooms, the laboratories, the recently opened new library, and they were also able to try out the military helicopter simulator of the 86th Helicopter Brigade of the Hungarian Armed Forces Kiss József.

Chancellor Zoltán Bács, the secretary of the board of trustees and board member György Balla also participated in the external board of trustees meeting.


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