The job fair and career day was held today at the University of Debrecen – picture gallery


The purpose of the job fair is to provide labor market opportunities for recent graduates and students who have obtained a degree in the given semester, to facilitate the job search, to develop the employment culture, and in this way we want to form a bridge between the institution, the students of the institution, and the labor market players.

Almost 80 exhibitors and more than a thousand job opportunities awaited the visitors at the autumn Job Fair and Career Day of the University of Debrecen. The organizers also set a double goal: job seekers should not only find a job, but also learn how to choose the ideal workplace.


Visitors were able to build relationships with representatives of small, medium and large companies, job agencies, career advisors, headhunters, psychologists and graphologists in the main building of the University of Debrecen on Wednesday, at the autumn Job Fair and Career Day. The growth of Debrecen’s economy attracts new market players to the city, who are looking for employees, including those within the walls of the university.

The bridge that the labor market and training have been building for years has now become quite spectacular, as educational institutions are increasingly trying to adapt their training palette to the needs of the labor market. High-quality education ensures competitive knowledge, allowing students to assert themselves even on the international stage. And the international environment is by no means foreign, as there are now countless international companies present in the city, which are present at the job fair in increasing numbers every year. The international standard is also available to the university’s 7,500 foreign students, who are increasingly coming to the event. They can apply for most companies with excellent chances, they speak English well, and more and more companies are asking for Hungarian language skills.

This is one of the largest job fairs not only in the region but also in the country, especially if we consider that we hold such an event twice each time, with a thousand visitors. This day is a very good opportunity for students approaching graduation to find direct contact with the labor market players, and the fact that the number of exhibitors is around 80 proves that there is a lot of interest from both sides

– said Deputy Rector of Education Elek Bartha at the opening of the Job Fair and Career Day.

For years, the organizers have been striving to ensure that visitors do not only come to the job fair for job opportunities, so they also offer professional internships to students, recent graduate programs and company scholarship opportunities for recent graduates, and volunteer work and foreign scholarships for those who want to try themselves abroad. . . Those who don’t even know how to get started can also find help: specialists will analyze the CV and conduct a trial job interview, they can talk to a psychologist and graphologist about self-knowledge, or they can go headhunting to find the right job.

It is extremely good to be a student with us. On the one hand, the most valuable knowledge and diploma can be obtained here at the University of Debrecen, and on the other hand because it is associated with an exciting and colorful student life. The two create a harmony that is unprecedented in the country. It is also unique that we do not let go of our students’ hands when they are close to graduation, but rather help them with professional programs so that they can find the career and job opportunity that best suits their qualifications. Now, during the cross semester, they are almost graduating from our university, and the approximately 80 exhibitors are offering more than a thousand job opportunities at today’s job fair

– highlighted DEHÖK president István Csont.

Hungarian and foreign students were mainly invited to the all-day event, but the opportunities and services were open to anyone and free of charge.


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