An Irish university will teach you how to be an influencer


Although there are many criticisms of influencers, for many, content production with fame and sponsorships is a dream. The majority of those working as influencers achieved this career based on their own experiences. But now an Irish university has decided to take influencer work to the next level and is training degree-awarded content producers – writes BBC.

Idan traveled from Israel for a date in Debrecen and a Youtuber recorded it

From September 2024, the technical university in Carlow, Ireland, will launch a content creation and social media training course. The four-year course will teach subjects such as business skills, video and music production, critical cultural studies and creative writing.

Dr Eleanor O’Leary, the university’s media and communications lecturer, explained that they felt interest in the field was growing, both among prospective students and employers. The instructor sees that after completing the university course, the graduates will be able to work as independent influencers or create content for a company or organization.

Dr. O’Leary emphasized that the value of the sector has essentially doubled since 2019, so its estimated value is around 14-16 billion euros, which roughly corresponds to 5,000-6,000 billion forints.

“This is an area that requires specific skills. It’s based on traditional media, PR and marketing skills, but it’s a new field in itself,”

– the expert told the BBC but added that people often become flu victims by accident.

Thus, the primary purpose of the training is to inform students how to retain their audience and how to work with businesses to make money.

Main picture: Debrecen Sun archive, a Youtuber from Israel.

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