Researchers Night will take place again this year at the University of Debrecen


The University of Debrecen awaits those interested in the workshop on secrets of science with a record number of almost 200 programs on September 29, in the Researchers Night.

The initiative was launched in 2005 by the Commission of the European Union in order to introduce research careers to young people across Europe, popularize the natural sciences and show that being a researcher is an exciting challenge.

The University of Debrecen joined the educational series from the very beginning.

The original goal has not changed, we still want to promote the research career by providing insight into the background, successes and results of the scientific work taking place at the university

– said Zsolt Varga.

The head of the Scientific Directorate of the University of Debrecen emphasized that it is an important mission to show that science has an everyday side that is understandable to everyone, which we live with every day. The diversity of the programs makes it possible for all interested parties to choose from the offer and gain new knowledge in an informative or even entertaining form.

All the faculties of the university present themselves at the Researchers’ Night, the programs are open to those interested in science in Nyíregyháza, Hajdúböszörmény and Szolnok in addition to Cívisváros on the various campuses of the University of Debrecen.

Well-proven, popular programs will not be left out: there will be spectacular chemical experiments, an anatomical tour, we can see the running water lab at work, get to know the plant babies in flasks, and the dance hall will not be left out either.

The main attraction of the event is the renewal since every year the university staff make sure that the visitors are introduced to new things

– said Zsuzsa Mándy.

According to the staff member of the UD Science Board, the main organizer of the institutional program, one of the most exciting and perhaps the most spectacular will be the helicopter demonstration by the air ambulances, who will also demonstrate life-like simulated life-saving interventions in the square in front of the Main Building.

In the Institute of Histology and Development, you can gain an insight into the anatomical mysteries of the human body, there will be a civil law sample hearing, an ant farm on the desk, a hedgehog encyclopedia, a Chinese tea house, a colorful world of minerals, a playful quiz on the vocabulary of the world of money in English and German, a social science activity, interesting things from the world of perfume, drone show…

Another novelty is that high school students participating in the programs of the Faculty of Economics will receive a certificate, which will be a plus point for those applying for the faculty’s courses.

The variety of programs is endless, but one thing is common: all events can be visited free of charge.

Further details and registration options for the programs can be found at



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