YoUDay, the opening show of the University of Debrecen, will be full again


The University of Debrecen is preparing for the hottest yoUDay so far, the huge stage is set up in the Nagyerdei Stadium, the performers are constantly rehearsing for the opening show on Wednesday. Based on Monday night’s ticket sales data, it can be expected that the stadium will be full on the evening of yoUDay this year as well.

On Monday evening, foreign students marching with the flags of their nations rehearsed in the Nagyerdei Stadium, on the two hundred square meter stage built for yoUDay. On Wednesday, September 13, at Europe’s only opening stadium show, 119 flags will be carried by young people, and all nations studying at the University of Debrecen will be represented in the spirit of community and internationality.

This year’s yoUDay, the seventh in a row, can be sold out – it was revealed at the on-site press conference of the university leaders and the organizers of the show.

According to the latest data from tonight, 19,000 tickets have already been reserved, so we will certainly reach last year’s 20,000 this year as well

– announced Chancellor Zoltán Bács.

Those who haven’t done so can still buy tickets on, and current, up-to-date information is constantly available on the event’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

At the university, it’s enough to go to the buffets during breaks, everyone talks about it, posts about it on social media. Not only those students who study in Debrecen are preparing, but there is also great interest in Nyíregyháza, Hajdúböszörmény and Szolnok. We are organizing special bus routes for them so that they can come to yoUDay on Wednesday and return home safely afterward

– emphasized István Csont, president of the Student Self-Government.

Valmar, Dzúdló, György Korda and Balázs Klári will perform in the gigantic show, and Éva Csepregi and Ádám Végvári, Feró Nagy and Cini Zalatnay will perform in the retro disco following the show. But of course, as in previous years, the students of the University’s Institute of Light Music, the Abrakazbra band and dance groups from Debrecen will also participate.

The number of our performers is around four hundred and at least that many work in the background. yoUday is a terribly complex giga production, the show itself, which the guests will see, is the work of 800 people lasting weeks and months. Coordinating so many people and artists is one of the most difficult jobs in the world, but it will work, and since we will have pleasant weather, a real summer farewell evening awaits us

– said the coordinator of the stage show, Veronika Végh.

The organizers recommend that everyone arrive on foot, by bike, or by public transport due to the expected heavy traffic and crowds.

If possible, be here for the gate opening at 6:30 p.m. That way, everyone can safely take their seats until 7 p.m., when the welcome show with the university’s talented students begins. By the way, as a tune-up, the yoUDay Matinee starts in the afternoon at 2 p.m. in the Víztorony garden, and after the stadium show, from 11 p.m., we have an AfterParty here and we also welcome young people in the Hall

– said organizer Gergő Török.

The DKV will also help yoUDay visitors to get home, trams 1 will run every 10 minutes until closing time, and buses 22 and 24 will run auxiliary services.


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