Science at the service of safe sports at the University of Debrecen


Courtesy and support of the Sports Science Coordination Institute of UD, the fitness room of the University of Debrecen welcomes its guests with a new, innovative service that is unique in the country. Visitors to the UniFit Fintess&Gym Center can now start active sports with a pre-workout health assessment.

The new service, the so-called CPNSS test, is performed with a special diagnostic tool. Regardless of age or gender, the device reveals and shows objective, unique sports physiology parameters to the professionals and guests of the fitness center.

Tamás Balogh, director of UniFit, said: it was an old dream of both them and the Sports Science Coordination Institute that athletes who enter the university facility or any sports facility and want to do physical activity there, would get an idea of their condition before training.

This is a kind of condition assessment that monitors their circulatory system and respiratory system, so sports physiological parameters become visible, based on which if someone needs to start moving more carefully, we can plan to take this into account, and if someone is healthy and does not show any deviations, and then we can plan like that. So, the test helps to give even more complex advice for training planning

– explained the UniFit director.

Tamás Balogh added: the device measures the state level of the individual before training, and from this, they can see to what extent they can be loaded. The specialist also emphasized that CPNSS is not medical or specialist advice.

It is available to everyone, and its goal in UniFit’s view is that every young or old person who wants to play sports who enters the university fitness center can receive a complex pre-workout health assessment for a nominal fee. Based on this, you can consult with your trainer or, if there are any differences, then with your doctor

– the specialist pointed out.

In my experience, very few people go to a screening or see a specialist before they start working out. However, with the 20-25-minute diagnostics, guests can train safely and effectively with the help of sports science and medicine at UniFit.

In our country, the university’s fitness center is the first and so far the only one where you can use this type of health assessment and look at training planning and safe physical activity in such complexity.


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