The novelties of geospatial informatics are consulted on at the University of Debrecen


Specialists will share their experiences on the most modern GIS technologies and methods, as well as their possible uses, at a two-day conference that started on Thursday at the University of Debrecen. At the 14th Geospatial Conference, more than eighty presentations will be given and fifteen exhibiting companies will present their products and services, writes

The meeting of theory and practice in GIS – this is the motto of the two-day conference at the University of Debrecen. More than one hundred and fifty professionals came to the event, who could get to know the most modern tools, the latest developments and scientific results.

The availability and quantity of spatial data has increased by leaps and bounds. This is important because these data are the basic tools of planning. At local governments, they can help, for example, with the planning of road construction, major investments or public transport routes. Both data producers and users participate in the conference, they can exchange experiences, and the exhibiting companies offer their tools and services to the participants

– explained Szilárd Szabó, director of the Earth Sciences Institute of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology of the University of Debrecen.

At the opening of the conference on Thursday, Ailer Piroska, the vice chancellor responsible for the creation of the mobility and vehicle industry training center, emphasized in her welcome speech: at the University of Debrecen, researchers from different fields often work on common topics and look for solutions to emerging problems together. Science thus develops to a great extent in interdisciplinary border areas. The multifaceted field of science, geospatial informatics, also fits into this line.

Geospatial informatics offers a wide range of society the opportunity to answer, plan or optimize spatial questions. Researchers and developers play the main role in achieving the possibilities, enabling society, industry, and economic actors to make extensive use of the results and new technologies. The presentations of the conference present the pioneering work carried out in GIS research workshops. According to my hopes, the results of the development activities will be widely used in practice in the near future

– emphasized the vice-rector.

Csaba Dobi, Clerk of the Municipality of Hajdú-Bihar County, emphasized that they are trying to incorporate the latest GIS methods and tools as a decision support system into everyday activities in order to ensure sustainable development.

At the two-day event, in addition to the plenary lectures, more than 80 lectures will be given in 12 sections (10 in Hungarian and 2 in English). The participants discussed, among other things, the application of GIS in construction, the international role of domestic military cartography, this year’s innovations in image processing and space photography, artificial intelligence, agricultural GIS and hydrological aspects (data collection tools in precision agriculture, near-Earth remote sensing in agriculture), and they can hear about modern GIS technologies and methods.

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