An innovative surgical technique was presented at the University of Debrecen


In Hungary, the indocyanine-green dye is used most widely in the Department of Surgery of the University of Debrecen Clinical Center, among others in thyroid, breast, colon and rectal surgeries, as well as stomach and liver tumors. Debrecen specialists shared their experiences with Hungarian doctors at the national symposium organized in the institution. During the program, the participants could see six live surgical broadcasts, writes

The symposium organized at the Surgical Clinic was the first professional event in Hungary, where the application possibilities of indocyanine-green dye and fluorescence-guided surgery were explained in demonstration surgeries.

After the summary lecture on the technique, the participants could follow the six surgeries live on projectors in the library and ask the operating doctors during the process.

The participants of the symposium were able to see, among other things, thyroid, breast, and laparoscopic colon and stomach surgery, gallbladder removal, and liver resection. The specialists of the Surgical Clinic demonstrated how the dye helps the surgeons during the operation and how it contributes to the patient’s safety and faster recovery

– explained Dezső Tóth, director of the Surgical Clinic of the UD Clinical Center.

The use of indocyanine green (ICG) dye in surgery is not new, but it is not yet widespread, its field of use is not fully crystallized. The technique is most widely used in Hungary at the Surgery Clinic in Debrecen.

The indocyanine green dye allows us to better see different tissues and their circulation, which significantly increases the accuracy and safety of interventions. In the clinic, it is used, for example, in thyroid operations to identify the parathyroid gland and determine its viability, to mark the lymph nodes in the case of breast tumors and stomach tumors, to judge the viability of the intestinal segment in the case of colon tumors, and to determine the location of liver metastases

– highlighted Dezső Tóth.

The symposium of the Surgical Clinic was supported as a co-organizer by the International Society of Fluorescence Guided Surgery (ISFGS), the international organization for the use of ICG in surgical professions. The website of the world organization will soon show a video of the six operations performed at the Debrecen program, as well as a summary presentation on the use of ICG.

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