The deputy mayor of the city of Debrecen took part in the scientific event of the Faculty of Economics


The team of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Debrecen finished second in the III. Antal Ács at the Case Study Solving Competition organized by the Management and Organizational Sciences Institute of the University of Debrecen Faculty of Economics on May 4 and 5, 2023.

In the competition named after the faculty’s former professor, teams of four participated this year from four Hungarian higher education institutions – Corvinus University of Budapest, Budapest University of Economics, University of Debrecen, University of Miskolc – and Selye János University in Komárom.

The case study-solving competition organized by the faculty is an excellent opportunity for students to demonstrate their professional and practical knowledge

– emphasized Veronika Fenyves, dean of the University of Debrecen Faculty of Economics, in her speech opening the competition.

He added that regardless of the result, whoever is present is already a winner, as they can be enriched with an experience that is unique.

The Antal Ács Case Study Solving Competition is primarily related to management, management-organization, organizational development issues, and HR activity areas, and the teams must always strive to solve a specific problem of a real organization, where they can demonstrate their professional knowledge and complex problem-solving skills, about their creativity

– emphasized Krisztina Dajnoki, director of the University of Debrecen Faculty of Economics Institute of Management and Organizational Sciences.

This year, the teams answered OpenEd Learning Zrt.’s training development and organizational development questions and digitization challenges in the 10-hour time frame, then the next day they presented the executive summary to the jury and answered the lightning questions. The case was provided by the Lifelong Learning Outreach Department of the faculty.

Head of the department Ákos Balázs emphasized: the university framework and the competition also provided an opportunity for students’ knowledge and creativity to appear as added value in the more efficient operation of a company or enterprise. In the future developments of OpenEd Learning Zrt., the creation of innovative educational activities can be effectively helped by the suggestions made here. He also offered the winning team the continuation of joint thinking, the possibility of a next consultation and even participation in the implementation process.

– The special feature of the case competition in Debrecen is the so-called Meet-the-Boss section, when each team member could ask the managers and representatives of the company to solve the task so that the other team members could hear the answers, so you also have to be clever in tactics so that they don’t give each other ideas

– highlighted by Anita Pierog, head of the University of Debrecen Faculty of Economics Department of Management.

DEConomy Consultancy, a team of DEConomy Consultancy composed of Flóra Bánszki Fruzsina, Edina Bogáti, Adrienn Szilágyi and Enikő Torma, made up of undergraduate students from the University of Debrecen Faculty of Economics won the 2nd place.

The first two case study-solving competitions were organized online due to the pandemic situation, so this year’s event with personal participation was particularly exciting and enjoyable, where the participants presented creative, innovative and effective solutions.

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