The University of Debrecen is involved in the production of space equipment


Among other things, the University of Debrecen and the international company specialized in the space industry, Thales Alenia Space, are planning cooperation in the fields of space vehicle production and space communication. On Thursday, representatives of the company and the university discussed the possibilities of joint work at the institution.

For many years, the University of Debrecen has focused on space research, one of the most significant projects of the Topical Excellence Program, UD-SPACE, is also related to this.

Among other things, the tests cover areas that also represent the possibility of application in the space industry, such as space telemedicine, space agriculture, space medicine, space food. For example, space pepper tests and comparative analyzes of different varieties are ongoing. In addition to the effects of cosmic radiation and micro-gravity on astronauts, as well as the conditions and consequences of long-term stays, the research groups in Debrecen also deal with the processing of Earth observation data from space

– explained scientific vice-rector László Csernoch to the representatives of the Thales Alenia Space company at the meeting on Thursday.

At the initiative of the Faculty of Science and Technology, recognizing the achievements of the University of Debrecen in the field of space research, Thales Alenia Space, a world leader in the space industry, wants to define possible areas of future professional cooperation. That is why a leading expert from France and Italy traveled to Debrecen.

We have already heard about the research taking place at the university that fits into the interest and development profile of our company. Based on these, we are looking for the most advantageous areas for both parties in our future cooperation with the experts of the University of Debrecen. Now we visited the institution mainly because of the possibility of joint work related to radiation protection. Nowadays, this is a very important area for manned space flight, but we also need to know what happens to the electronic units of a space vehicle when they are exposed to radiation, how to prevent damage and guarantee reliable operation in outer space for a long time. This could be one of the main areas of our future cooperation, even with joint design and production

– the European cooperation director of Thales Alenia Space told.

Freddie Geyer also praised the plans of the Faculty of Sciences and Technology to create optical space-to-earth communication capabilities in Debrecen.

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