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The Faculty of  Medicine of the University of Debrecen welcomes applicants with excellent instructors, excellent infrastructure, and a unique environment. The faculty pays special attention to talent management, support for academic work and practice-oriented training.

With the establishment of the integrated Clinical Center, the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Debrecen provides medical students with an opportunity for practice that is unparalleled in Hungary. Bedside practice was also provided during the pandemic, and the students – the largest number in the country – participated in the work related to the coronavirus epidemic as volunteer helpers from the very beginning. Skill labs play a prominent role in practice-oriented training.

Medical students can practice diagnostic, therapeutic and life-saving interventions in realistic conditions with the most modern equipment. Practical training is carried out in the laboratories of the Department of Surgery and the Interactive Medical Practice Center. Last year, a 13 billion forint national skill-laboratory network development was completed, in which the University of Debrecen played a decisive role

– said László Mátyus.

The Faculty of Medicine performs well year after year in various national and international rankings. Most recently, in the HVG’s list of 121 faculties of domestic universities, the Faculty of Medicine was the fourth in the country and also the best faculty of the University of Debrecen. In terms of teaching excellence, it ranks sixth in the overall national faculty ranking.

The students are in the hands of excellent instructors who also prove themselves in research. High-quality teaching activities are inconceivable without high-quality research work. The outstanding result achieved in teaching excellence is due to the fact that the proportion of the Faculty of Medicine teaching staff with academic degrees exceeds 86 percent. This is considered the best result among the four Hungarian medical universities

– the professor emphasized.

Talent management is extremely important in the life of the faculty. From the first years, students can do active research work, get involved in one of the best organized scientific student circles (TDK) activities in the country, and participate in the work of the Sántha Kálmán College. It is a long-standing tradition at the faculty that, if the reviewers deem it so, the academic student work is accepted by the faculty as a diploma thesis with outstanding results. The faculty strives to provide the most ideal conditions for training and academic work. For example, the renovation of seven clinical classrooms was recently completed.

The faculty developed the infrastructure with its own resources of more than HUF one billion. The seven renovated clinical classrooms were equipped with the most modern audiovisual and air technology,

– explained the dean.

In addition, lecture, exam and seminar rooms, as well as community spaces adapted to the latest trends, are also available to students in the Learning Center, a multifunctional learning center of the University of Debrecen, handed over in 2021.

The head of the faculty added: the high-quality training structure of the Faculty of Medicine does not require significant changes, but they are constantly working on modernizing the curriculum, for example, the subjects of the first and second years will be renewed by September. With the reorganization, unnecessary duplications will be eliminated and the student exam load can be more even.

There are no changes to the admission requirements for 2023. Applicants for general medical training at the University of Debrecen must have an advanced school leaving certificate in biology and physics or chemistry. In addition to the general medicine course, the faculty will start a medical diagnostic analytical basic course, health psychology, molecular biology, and clinical laboratory research master’s course in the 2023/24 academic year.

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