Debrecen music students closed the semester with a gala concert


The Institute of Classical Music of the University of Debrecen closed the semester with a gala concert in the Liszt Hall of the Faculty of Music. In the traditional end-of-semester performance, the students of the course presented what they had learned and how much they had improved in the past months with high-quality productions.

At the end of each semester, the students of the University of Debrecen, who are interested in popular music and learning to sing in addition to various instruments, finish the course with a gala concert. The course has been waiting for those young people for whom music is important and who want to deal with it on a more serious level.

In the current course, twenty-four university students and external participants practiced week after week, so that on Sunday evening they would all step on stage and show off their skills in the Liszt hall of the Faculty of Music.

The most talented students of Rocksuli in Debrecen also performed at the gala, and they complement the musical pieces with the instrumental playing that was missing in the given semester. Kálmán Kapusi noted that they plan to strengthen the cooperation with Rocksuli even more.

The closing of the gala concert was a real community experience, 24 young people, Hungarians, and foreigners, took to the stage to sing together the LGT classic ‘Neked írom a dalt’.

More and more people apply for the highly successful course every year, due to their strong interest, the initiative will continue next year, and the popular music education at the university level will be further strengthened by the nationally unique contemporary popular music basic course starting in September.

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