BMW visit at the Clinical Center


Employees of the BMW Group, who were received by President Zoltán Szabó, were informed about the patient care activities of the University of Debrecen Clinical Center. Representatives of the German car manufacturing company visited, among other things, the Emergency and Gastroenterology Clinics, as well as the trauma department.

Zoltán Szabó, the president of the Clinical Center, received the representatives of BMW, who were informed about the health care of the workers of the Debrecen car factory under construction at the institution. The company’s employees visited, among other things, the 42-bed Emergency Clinic, where, in addition to the department providing intensive care, the general emergency department and the outpatient department were also presented. Visitors were able to learn about the triage principles used, which apply to all patients entering the emergency department.

With the settlement of BMW in Debrecen, the task of the health care system will also change, the patient care units of the Clinical Center have started preparations, especially with regard to emergency care. During the visit, we also informed the BMW representatives that there is a trilingual patient management system in place at the Emergency Clinic, already at the entrance information, signs, and monitor images in Hungarian, English, and German help to provide quick and efficient information to those in need of care

– Zoltán Szabó pointed out in connection with the visit, the president of the Clinical Center.

The employees of BMW said on the spot: the purpose of our visit was to start a joint thinking between the Clinical Center and the company regarding how they can provide the highest level of health care for their Hungarian and foreign employees coming to Debrecen.

The members of the delegation of the German car manufacturing company evaluated the meeting as a success and received reassuring answers to all their questions from Professor Zoltán Szabó.

The representatives of the German car manufacturing company were also able to get a glimpse of the activities of the endoscopy laboratory of the Gastroenterology Clinic, and they were able to learn about trauma care at the Gyula Kenézy Campus.

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