Komondor, the country’s most powerful supercomputer, is already being tested in Debrecen


The software is already being installed on the 5 petaflops supercomputer named Komondor at the Supercomputer Center on the Kassai út campus of the University of Debrecen, the university’s press office reported.

The supercomputer currently being tested has a performance of 5 petaflops, which is equivalent to using tens of thousands of laptops at the same time. The organization of Komondor’s high-capacity processor and graphic computing units includes a dedicated artificial intelligence and big data partition for performing targeted tasks.

The development was justified by the fact that the domestic HPC capacity currently barely reaches 0.5 petaflops of performance, which can hardly serve the domestic scientific research that requires high computing power in daily practice. KIFÜ’s new supercomputer also facilitates the scientific activities of the University of Debrecen, as the amount of big data sets that doubles every year can be processed again.

At the University of Debrecen, it can help primarily in the so-called material-free research, in the fields of medical, biological, chemical, physical, technical, and agricultural research, among others in medical imaging, diagnostics, data generated during economic and financial processes, necessary for the development of intelligent applications in the processing of sensor data, in the recognition of sequences appearing in genetic codes or in the modeling of various molecular processes. With the help of algorithms based on artificial intelligence, the machine is able to create models based on the received data, from which innovative methods and optimal physical products can be developed. The new HPC system can perform up to 10,000 times the computing and data processing capacity of desktop computers per second

– explained Zoltán Gál, head of the Supercomputer Center of the University of Debrecen.

The specialist also emphasized that: supercomputers require special programming knowledge, and every research group needs a competent software specialist to take advantage of the large computing capacity. For this reason, parallel programming and the use of supercomputers are increasingly included in the training of computer science students.

Hungary’s most powerful supercomputer will be available to higher education institutions, research institutes, and their partners for free, and in some cases, it will also be available to companies conducting research and development.



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