ISFiT: International student festival in Trondheim


ISFiT is the world’s largest international student festival, taking place biennially in February in Trondheim, Norway. We gather students from different national and cultural backgrounds to talk and connect through exciting and engaging topics and discussions. The first ever ISFiT festival was held in 1990 and ever since people from around the world have gathered in Trondheim every other year in unison.

ISFIT was first hosted in 1990, which was right after the fall of the Berlin Wall when Europe was characterized as more divided than ever. The idea was to gather students from different national and cultural backgrounds for a fun trip to kick the festival off properly and give the international participants a possibility to get to know each other. At that time, it was difficult for the participants to travel from different parts of the world to attend the festival. It was therefore set up two trains, one from Budapest in the east and one from Paris in the west. This train ride was called “ISFiT Rail”.

A lot of students’ first meeting with the western world was through this train ride from Budapest. ISFiT Rail in the following years not continued, until 2017 when the trip was set up once again, but this time from Oslo to Trondheim. This year we are planning the trip once more, and hoping for it to get closer to how it was back in 1990. In addition to Oslo, this year we are hoping to get it from Frankfurt. We hope to fill the journey with meaningful conversations and new friendships and various cultural features from different student groups in Trondheim.


Each festival ISFiT explores a new theme that in some way regards or affects students across the globe. The theme for ISFiT23 is “Polarization”.

ISFiT has student ambassadors throughout the world to promote the festival and get students to sign up for it and know more about it. the ambassador in Hungary is Farah Al Refai, a pharmacy student at the University of Debrecen. She is carrying out the promotional process on the University of Debrecen’s different campuses and promotes it also on an Instagram page @isfit23hu that has a majority of the students in Debrecen as followers. Today, she was at the life science building on the main campus promoting the festival among the students.

The link to the festival on Instagram is @isfit23, students can apply on the participation website.



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