Thousands exercise in UniFit, the fitness center of the University of Debrecen


The fitness center of the University of Debrecen, the UniFit Fitness & Gym Center, is also extremely popular among students. In the modern facility located in the Nagyerdei Stadium, the mandatory physical education classes of the first semester can be completed from September to December.

As soon as subject enrollment opens at Neptun, the thousand places that UniFit offers to students for physical education classes fill up practically within minutes. This is thanks to the fact that the university fitness center offers young people a clean, modern environment equipped with many modern machines.

UniFit’s fitness trends and the exercise programs inherent in them are very diverse. Students can choose from resistance training, cardio training, or group or individual forms of exercise, but they can also try wall climbing, so everyone can find a workout for themselves. Many people have already seen him complete the semester

– says Tamás Balogh, director of UniFit.

The combination of resistance and cardiovascular training is the most popular among students.

Resistance training mainly means the training load of the locomotor system and the skeletal muscle system. Here, the goal is health preservation and health promotion, as well as performance enhancement, namely with tasks performed with your own body weight, fitness machines, or free weights. Cardiovascular training plays a role in developing the cardiovascular system and endurance. In this, the stair machine, treadmill, elliptical trainer, and cardio wise are available to the young people

– explained Tamás Balogh, who noted that the students can also ask for the help of a trainer during the training sessions if needed.

Another piece of news related to the gym is that on the day of Europe’s largest university school year opening, yoUDay, that is, on Wednesday, September 14, UniFit is waiting for those who want to get in shape with a sale. On this day, those who want to exercise can exchange tickets to the fitness room, the climbing wall room, and group classes at a discounted price.

Details on the UniFit Facebook-page.

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