Clown doctors in Debrecen personally cheer up sick children


The Red Nose clown doctors bring joy to the children recovering at the Pediatric Clinic in Debrecen again. They visited them online during the coronavirus epidemic, but today they again visit small patients in person, on a weekly basis, the press center of the University of Debrecen announced.

Childhood hematopoietic and cancer diseases, as well as their long-term treatment, afflict sick children and impair their well-being and mood, which is compounded by the fact that they often spend a long time away from home in a hospital bed during treatments. The specialists of the Department of Pediatrics of the Clinical Center of the University of Debrecen want the children and their parents to experience as little suffering as possible during the difficult period necessary for their recovery.

Patients are in a good position to recover if they are in good spirits. At the clinic, we strive to provide a child- and parent-friendly environment so that body and soul can heal together. This is served by the fact that children are cared for by full-time clinical educators and clinical psychologists, and the Foundation for Children with Leukemia regularly organizes programs such as birthday parties, craft classes, and fairy tales. In addition, we need to highlight the supporting activities of partner organizations, including clown doctors,

– said Professor Kiss Csongor, head of the Department of Hematology at the Department of Pediatrics, UD Clinical Center.

The mission of the 25-year-old Red Nose Clown Doctors Foundation is to bring humor, laughter, and mental support to those in need. Their presence in the children’s wards of health care institutions diverts the attention of children and their parents from pain and anxiety, helping them to recover with the friendly, positive atmosphere they create.


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