The Ambassador of the Netherlands to Hungary visited the University of Debrecen


During his two-day trip to Cívisváros, Désirée Bonis also visited the University of Debrecen. The Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Hungary got acquainted with the educational and training offer of the institution, and also met with students studying at the Department of Dutch Studies of the Faculty of Humanities.

The Ambassador was received in the Main Building by Elek Bartha, Vice-Rector for Education, who explained the history of the university and reported on the education and training structure of the institution. Speaking about international relations, he pointed out that among the approximately 7,000 students from more than 120 countries studying English at the university, there are also a large number of students from the Netherlands.

Désirée Bonis has been his ambassador since September 2021, and this was the first time he had visited Debrecen.

“In addition to Budapest, it is important for me to get to know the country and its second-largest city,”

– the ambassador told

The relationship between Hungary and the Netherlands, based on the Calvinist tradition, dates back many centuries and must be nurtured, for which purpose Debrecen will host the Dutch-Hungarian Business Forum in June.

– Désirée Bonis informed.

The Ambassador held a meeting with Péter Csatár, Deputy Dean for Strategy and Economics of the Faculty of Humanities, on the teaching of the Dutch language and culture. It was stated at the meeting that the teaching of the Dutch language dates back more than 20 years at the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Debrecen, where students can study Dutch as a native speaker, teach a Dutch-Hungarian translator and interpreter after completing the course.

After the meeting, the ambassador visited the Department of Dutch Studies, where he also met with lecturers and students. It was about the research going on in the department, the structure of the training and classes, and the different cultural programs. The students were mainly expected to answer why they chose to study Dutch studies and why it is good to be a Dutch major, and they also wondered what plans the students had after graduating.

The program of the Dutch diplomat in Debrecen ended with a visit to the Great Church and the memorial column of the Dutch-related Galerians in the square in front of the Reformed College.

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