Another development on the sports campus of the University of Debrecen


The development of the sports infrastructure of the University of Debrecen continues with the transformation and expansion of the main spectator of the Dóczy Street sports field. A unique modern building complex, which also supports education, will be built on the sports complex from a net HUF 1.3 billion by the end of 2022.

Sports science is of paramount importance to the University of Debrecen, for the strengthening of which the institution has developed a nationally unique sports strategy for more than 15 years. DEAC also plays a key role in the life of DE, and one of the oldest and now largest university sports clubs in the country is constantly evolving in terms of infrastructure and infrastructure.

The development of the sports campus on Dóczy Street will continue in the next phase with the modernization and expansion of the central listed building. Preparations for the site and demolition work began at the end of November.

Thanks to the development, the central building will be expanded with new wings on both sides and will be special and unique both inside and out. The new, three-story building is planned to house more than 1,100 square feet of newly built usable floor space for classrooms, offices, locker rooms, storage rooms, a laundry room, and communal spaces, as well as renewing the 400-square-foot stands and locker rooms. The investment is scheduled for completion in the fall of 2022.

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