A Professor at the University of Cluj-Napoca Jumped Out of the Fifth Floor


According to primary court information, a former professor at the Medical University of Cluj-Napoca committed suicide by jumping out of the fifth floor of the Grand Hotel Italia.


The 33-year-old doctor, according to some sources, committed a suicide on October 20th, 2021. He jumped out of the fifth-floor room at Grand Hotel Italia in Romania, Stiri de Cluj reported.

A man from Arad County was identified at the scene. The body was transported to the forensic medical institute in Cluj-Napoca. According to some court sources, a doctor specializing in medical genetics practicing at a clinic in Cluj-Napoca committed suicide.

The deceased doctor was teaching at the Medical University of Cluj-Napoca (UMF), and his employment was terminated at the end of September. The institution expressed its condolences on the news of the death of their former colleague.




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