About sixty students presented their research at the University of Debrecen’s Vocational Colleges III. Scientific Conference


About sixty vocational college students presented their research on Thursday at the University of Debrecen’s Vocational Colleges III. Scientific Conference. Ten specialized colleges of the institution took part in the meeting held at the DAB Headquarters.

Investigation of the effects of the coronavirus epidemic on the employment and financial situation of companies operating in the automotive industry of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county, Impact of conspiracy theories on people and their relationship with the state – among others Scientific Conference at the DAB Headquarters.

Lászlóné Siska Katalin Szűcs, chairwoman of the DE Vocational College Subcommittee, explained to hirek.unideb.hu: the main task of vocational colleges is to deepen their members in more depth than the curriculum with the help of specialist teachers in a topic they like. In addition, leisure programs are organized for the participants, where groups of friends can be formed who can later help each other’s scientific work. In addition, thanks to such events, vocational college students can learn to perform well in public or to edit a text faster than their peers, so that it can even appear in study volumes.

– The students of the different faculties have to give lectures about their own research results in a language that can be understood by those who are not students or lay people of that unit, – added Lászlóné Siska Katalin Szűcs.

Ákos Pintér, General Rector of the University of Debrecen, who addressed the opening ceremony, emphasized the role of vocational colleges in the training of scientific students.

-Our students in vocational colleges get a treasure, namely extra knowledge that cannot be taken away from them. The most important goal of these organizations is to educate the scientific and teaching staff, which are absolutely necessary at a quality university – said Ákos Pintér. The Deputy Rector noted that part of the institutional model change is to move even more towards quality education and research, for which the vocational college system is essential.



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