A student from Debrecen received prestigious recognition from the Ministry of Finance


Póta Cserne Panka, a student of the Faculty of Economics, proved to be the best in the Student category of the Financial Awareness Development Award created by the Ministry.

This year, the Ministry of Finance also honored educational institutions, primary and secondary school teachers and students who are at the forefront of developing financial awareness. Out of 55 candidates, Panka Cserne, a master’s student in accounting from the Faculty of Economics of the University of Debrecen, won this time in the Student category of the Award for the Development of Financial Awareness. It is not the students and students who apply directly for the award, but supervisors and educators can take the opportunity to apply.

Patrícia Becsky-Nagy, Head of the Department of Finance at the University of Debrecen’s Faculty of Economics (GTK), who sent a nomination to the Ministry of Finance, said: For example, the student previously won a special prize at the OTDK (National Scientific Student Conference) for his dissertation on financial digitization, and last year he also participated in a pilot program for financial awareness in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance and the University of Debrecen.

– In the latter, the four-person student team was led by Panka, and I participated as a supervisor. We developed four lessons for high school students, a teacher’s handbook, and lecture materials. The university’s Kossuth Practitioner also managed to hold four such classes for high school students, Patricia Becsky-Nagy reported the results.

She added that based on feedback from teachers and students, the curriculum has since been further developed, which has also been a huge success in the Ministry of Finance. The head of the department also reported to the ministry that in his free time he taught classes for high school students within the framework of the Money7 series of events, he carried out demonstration activities at the university, while leading seminars on financial subjects.

The honoree student said that four major topics were covered in the above-mentioned grammar school curriculum. These include modern payment solutions (such as QR code, link payment, payment request), loans (such as credit cards), financial planning, and savings.

– Finances are an important part of our daily lives, and if someone is aware in this area, they can do better in life. It is necessary to increase financial knowledge, as many people also lack their basic knowledge – said Póta Cserne Panka to a question on hirek.unideb.hu.

Patricia Becsky-Nagy emphasized that this knowledge should not only be presented at GTK, but also in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance to develop a material that would reach all students entering higher education as an optional subject.

“We are very proud of Panka’s success, the prestigious award, and we congratulate her,” said the head of the Finance Department.

Becsky-Nagy Patrícia added: four students of the Kossuth Lajos Gymnasium of the University of Debrecen are also to be commended, as they have recently become the Be a Financial Junior Class! they won a national financial competition, in which Erste Bank visited the financial awareness center last week in Vienna.



Photo: Judit Gondos, State Secretary for Administration of the Ministry of Finance (b) presents student prize to Panga Csenge |  MTI / Balázs Mohai

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