Contemporary Baroque in Debrecen

Culture University

Rosella – Conservatory Evenings Concert Series in Debrecen.


The concert will feature baroque and contemporary trio sonatas from the band’s new album, which aims to show the audience the similarities between trio sonatas written in different eras.


The repertoire of the concert:

J.Ch.Pepusch – Gábor Kállay, G.Ph.Telemann – Péter Zombola

It consists of the works of Imre S. Rossi-Imre Lachegyi. Andrea Molnár – flute, Katalin Kállay – flute, Zsolt Szabó – viola da gamba, Arthur Schallinger-Foidl – harpsichord, guitar.


Date: Tuesday (12th October) 7:00 pm

Venue: Music Department of the University of Debrecen


Tickets are available at the venue before the concert: 2000 ft, student / pensioner 1500 ft


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