Digital physical education at the University of Debrecen


In connection with the Digital Welfare Program, organized physical education classes were held at three locations in the country, including the sports hall of the University of Debrecen, to promote digitization and movement. In DESOK, the students of the János Balásházy Training School held a presentation class.

The János Balásházy Gymnasium, Gymnasium and College of the University of Debrecen also joined the initiative to draw attention to a healthy lifestyle, regular physical activity and digitalized physical education. The Pallag institution attended the physical education class at DESOK with two classes. Students were connected live to two other venues where physical education classes were also held for children.

In a session that introduced the basics of football and also promoted the sport, children’s performance was digitally recorded by placing sensors on their bodies and measuring their heart rate and blood oxygen levels. Based on the results, a case study will be prepared and presented by experts at international conferences in order to make digitization a part of school physical education in the future. According to later practice, the results of each physical education class can be retrieved and compared anywhere in the country.

This event was a good opportunity for both the university and our school, but especially for the children, as the whole of Europe could see their production. We were able to show the methodological possibilities that characterize our physical education in school. We hope that many will have an example of how to teach football within the classroom. The opportunities of the 21st century must be exploited, based on digitalisation, which makes it possible to analyze the results of each movement coordination exercise. It is very important for us that this knowledge base is accessible to anyone, anywhere, and that we can learn from other institutions

– said Miklós Filep, director of the János Balásházy Practical School, Gymnasium and College of the University of Debrecen.

Ferenc Dénes, head of the Digital Welfare NKft Digital Sports Knowledge Center responsible for the organization, said: Hungary will hold the presidency of the European Council between May and November – this was the first cultural program of the three physical education classes held in different locations.

The central message of the Hungarian presidency is about youth, movement, children, our plan was to connect this spirituality with sports and digitization. This is best done through physical education at school, which has also shown that movement and children can make Europe united

– formulated by the head of the organization.

The event was supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, and the Digital Welfare Program was responsible for its implementation.

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