The University of Debrecen honored its employees


Ákos Pintér, Deputy Rector, presented outstanding working awards and rector’s certificates to the staff of the University of Debrecen. György Csécsy, a professor at ÁJK, also received his ministerial recognition at the ceremony held in the Courtyard.

Those who have performed outstandingly for several years have been awarded the Certificate of Recognition by the Excellent Worker, the lecturers, researchers and employees who perform their duties with outstanding competence and diligence, and who are active in the public life of the university. The awards were given on the occasion of the national holiday on 15 March by the management of the institution, but due to the epidemic situation, the ceremony could only be held now.

Ákos Pintér, Deputy General Rector of the University of Debrecen, said in his greeting that the teamwork that has characterized the activities of university employees in the recent period should be emphasized.

– Down with the hat in front of everyone, not just those who have received recognition, but all workers are praised. It was a strange year and a half, thank you to everyone for strengthening the University of Debrecen, with his work he contributed to the smooth and successful operation of the institution even in the very difficult period. The management of the University of Debrecen is proud and grateful to all its employees for their persistent work, the deputy rector emphasized.

On the occasion of the 15th of March, in recognition of his outstandingly successful professional activity, György Csécsy, the head of the department, received the Ministerial Certificate of Recognition. The lecturer of the Faculty of Law also received the award from Deputy Rector Ákos Pintér at Wednesday’s ceremony.

– I have received many awards and recognitions, but they are always very good and I am proud to be recognized and appreciated for my work. The most important thing for me is the honors that the students give me, I was a law teacher of the year three times, I was most happy about that. Of course, the current recognition also means a lot. I will be seventy next year, when I will finish my teaching and research work, I will reckon with the past with a good feeling – said György Csécsy.

This year, the University of Debrecen recognized the work of 102 researchers, lecturers and employees. Sixty-five took over their awards at the June 2 ceremony.

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