Rice Challenge by ESN Debrecen

Culture University
Let’s collect rice🍚 grains for the bettering of the world🌍!

To do so, go and play on the website: freerice.com ! What is it exactly❓
Freerice is a website and an app📱 where you can help people in need all around the world.
As you play Freerice and answer questions right, advertisements appear on your screen. When you see one of these advertisements, you support the World Food Programme (WFP)🍛 to help its work saving and changing lives around the world.
Let’s brush up on your english while you contribute to the first steps for stopping the hunger that consumes almost 700 million people around the world.
Make it happen and be the part of something great!😃
The website/app is completely free
The first three🥇🥈🥉, who collected the biggest (evidence required) amount of rice until 20th April, will get a prize🏆 from ESN Debrecen.

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