The lecturers of the Faculty of Music published volumes of music pedagogy


The lecturers of the Faculty of Music also published e-learning materials that can be used in higher music education and process theoretical knowledge in the field of several instruments, as well as study volumes in Hungarian and English presenting music pedagogical research.

With the support of the University of Debrecen (DE) Faculty of Music (ZK), 9 e-learning curricula, in many cases filling a gap, were created, which encouraged the faculty’s 17 lecturers to create a lesson. All this creates an opportunity to strengthen the theoretical side of higher education in music, including higher education in Debrecen, which helps to expand the possibilities of modernizing education. The content of the lessons covers a wide area: from the form that can be used as an independent note, through the different sub-areas, to the knowledge material that forms the unified methodological concept. In addition to qualified faculty members, some younger colleagues also contributed to the work.

The e-learning lessons are available on the website for students and lecturers.

By its very nature, instrumental art training does not operate primarily in the world of theoretical, conscious concepts and knowledge acquisition, but through the emphasis on personalized skill development. This is mainly the reason why the methodological, professional and didactic literature shows a very unequal picture. For some, mostly symphonic orchestral instruments, less attention has been paid in the past to describing the theoretical background of their teaching and playing, but now we have managed to alleviate this shortcoming, if not completely, but alleviate it for strings, woodwinds and brass instruments and percussion instruments.

– formulated by Professor Mihály Duffek.

Of course, the teaching of organ, piano, guitar and music theory is also included in the curriculum, added the subproject manager.

Along with the preparation of e-learning materials, Judit Váradi, associate professor at ZK, also published study volumes in English and Hungarian entitled “Music Pedagogical Research – Renewable Methodology of Music Education” and “Studies in Music Pedagogy – The Methodological Revitalization of Music Education”.

Of course, the work did not end with the preparation of the curriculum, as it is our important commitment to make the knowledge material available to the teachers of our partner schools as well,

– emphasized Mihály Duffek.

However, the coronavirus epidemic does not currently allow for the originally planned lectures and forums that will be implemented by the faculty of the DE Faculty of Music after the resumption of school attendance.

Curriculum development and the preparation of publications were implemented within the framework of the EFOP 3.4.3-16-2016-00021 “Development of the University of Debrecen in order to jointly improve the quality and accessibility of higher education” tender.

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