The University of Debrecen is among the best this year as well


Based on the previous data of the general admission procedure, the number of applications at the University of Debrecen exceeded the results of the previous year as well as the national average. The most popular this year are the advertised majors in economics, and the humanities courses have also been nominated by many.

By mid-February, it had to be indicated electronically in the general admission procedure in which Hungarian higher education institution the applicants would like to continue their studies.

– The University of Debrecen is one of the most popular universities in the country, which is well shown by the fact that in recent years more and more people have chosen the institution during their admissions. In addition, the high-ranking positions in the international rankings, which are improving year by year, testify to the decisive role of the training place on the domestic and international level, said Elek Bartha, DE Vice-Rector for Education, told in connection with the applications.

According to the first figures of this year’s general admission procedure, the leading role of DE in Hungary has been further strengthened, as the institution has produced outstandingly good results compared to last year. Compared to the 2020 recruitment, there has been an increase of more than 14 percent in first-place applications, well above the national average of 11 percent.

– This means that the applicants appreciated the nationally unique training offer of the University of Debrecen, covering almost all fields of science, and accordingly as many people as possible would like to study at the institution. For years, DE has been in second place among national higher education institutions, with a gradual increase in the number of applicants within national enrollments. Our training structure covers almost the entire training spectrum of Hungarian higher education and does not show such fluctuations as the institutions offering a narrower training offer. In light of this, it is especially important that our results improve compared to the national average, stressed Elek Bartha.

According to the latest data, the University of Debrecen was nominated by more than 16,000 applicants on its application form, 9167 of whom enrolled in some form of DE training. That number is well above the previous correct application of nearly eight thousand, approaching the record year before last year.

The biggest increase was in the Faculty of Public Health, where 36 percent more people indicated one of the university’s majors, but there was also a nearly 30 percent increase in interest in law, agricultural and food science courses. A similarly significant increase can be seen in the training of pharmacists and dentists.

The field of economics is still the most popular, with the Faculty of Economics in the first place being nominated by the majority of respondents, in 2051 by number. This is followed by the Faculty of Arts (1399), the Faculty of Law (768), the Faculty of Child Education and Special Education (612), the Faculty of Informatics (631), the Faculty of Engineering (683), the Faculty of Public Health (652), and the Faculty of Science and Technology (573), the Faculty of General Medicine (529), the Faculty of Health (503), the Faculty of Agriculture, Food Science and Environmental Management (451), the Faculty of Dentistry (146), the Faculty of Music (92) and the Faculty of Pharmacy (74).

It is possible to fill in the gaps in the general admission procedure until July 9, and the order of application can be changed so far. The point limits set for each training site are expected to be published on 22 July.

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