Alumni Program of the Unviersity of Debrecen


The alumni program is designed to bring together students and graduates, and it gives opportunity to follow other’s success in scientific and professional carrier and to develop social capital.

The university can inform members of the alumni about new educational programs, academic events, cultural events, can help the graduate students in the organisation of professional and community programs (e.g., group and grade meetings) and supports the maintenance of an active relationship between graduates, current students, professors and employers.

The “alumni’ is a well-functioning system in the Anglo-Saxon countries, but in Hungary it is not so widespread- said István Fábián, Rector of the university at 12th July at a press conference.

The University of Debrecen, seeks to support current students and graduates of career construction by organising trainings, professional lectures starting in the autumn.

The aim of the alumni magazine “Déjà vu” is to demonstrate the traditions of graduates as well as the achievements of current students. The magazine was first published for the summer graduation ceremonies, and it is scheduled to appear twice a year.

The program already has more than 800 members. Those who would like to join can apply at the stand of the alumni program at the Campus Festival, 25-29 July.

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