Courses And Concerts At the Faculty Of Music

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The Faculty of Music, University of Debrecen arranges the Young Musicians’ Summer Academy for the 12th times.

Besides the lecturers and students of the Faculty of Music of Debrecen and Budapest, the representatives of 9 foreign universities will come to the YMSA. The event is offering MSc. in 14 different musical instruments; it is scheduled from 15 to 24 July.

150 university students arrive from different countries, such as Japan, Spain, Korea, Ukraine and Serbia. “The number of the participants shows that the Debrecen Faculty of Music is highly appreciated in professional circles” – says dr Mihály Duffek, the dean of Faculty of Music. “We are trying to widen the summer academy ‘s courses in every year with new, special instruments; this year it is the folk violin” – added Dr Judit Váradi, the reader of the faculty.

The success of the YMSA will be audible for the public, since 7 concerts will be organised in the course of gala shows. The concerts will be held from 16th July in the Liszt hall of the faculty; the entrance is free.



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