Graduation ceremonies at the Uni


Between 16 June and 8 July 4 500 students of 15 faculties receive their diplomas at the University of Debrecen.The Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Child and Adult Education and the Faculty of Music opened the series of ceremonies last weekend.

Just like last two years, a babyroom will be awaiting the little ones during the ceremonies. Children will be looked after by the academic staff of the Faculty of Child and Adult Education in room I/121. Children under 3 must be accompanied by a parent.

Parking around the University Main Building is free during the graduation ceremonies.


Schedule of ceremonies:

Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
22 June (Friday) 10:00 am.

Faculty of Medicine
22 June (Friday) 3:00  pm.

Faculty of Applied Economics and Rural Development
22 June (Friday) 10:00 am.  AGTC Aula

Faculty of Health
23 June (Saturday) (szombat) 10:00 am.

Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences and Environmental Management
23 June (Saturday) 10:00 am.

Faculty of Pharmacy
24 June (Sunday) 2:00 pm.

Faculty of Law
29 June (Friday) 10:00 am.; 2:00 pm.

Faculty of Public Health
29 June (Friday) 5:00 pm.

Faculty of Informatics
30 June (Saturday) 9:00 am.

Faculty of Science and Technology
30 June (Saturday) 1:00 pm.; 4:00 pm.

Faculty of Engineering
7 July (Saturday) 9:00 am. 

Faculty of Dentistry
7 July (Saturday) 2:00 pm.

Faculty of Arts and Humanities
8 July (Sunday) 10:00 am.; 1:00 pm., 4:00 pm.

Faculty of Medicine
15 September (Saturday) 11:00 am.






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