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Lizeth Satumbo Pena, ambassador of the African country suggested wider cooperation during her visit in Debrecen.After 1975, the year of independence,a 27-year war was raging in the Republic of Angola, which deteriorated the greatest parts of economy and infrastructure; 4 million people lost their homes. After this period, important results have been reached: peace has been confirmed, national income is rising, and inflation is lessening. The greatest challenge is using the human, agricultural and mineral resources properly.

By reason of the small number of higher education institutions, they are looking for temporary solutions for this problem abroad. This is why she visited the University of Debrecen on 23 March, when she was welcomed by President István Fábián and Chief of foreign affairs Gábor Turi.

During the pleasant appointment she pointed on the tension between the plenty of natural resources and the scarcity of human resources. From the point of view of Angola’s development, qualification of professionals is an essential issue. She visited the university campus and the National Education Center which impressed her a lot, just like the possibilities of studying the English language.



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