New Scholarship founded for the Summer School


As the University of Debrecen informed, the institution has founded a new scholarship available for Summer School Students. By the scholarship, the university salutes for the memory of its former professor.Professor Lajos Némedi (1912-2006) was a famous Germanist university teacher and researcher. His work at Debrecen Summer School was the longest in the history of the institution: more than 50 years. He was the deputy secretary-general between from 1936 to  1958 and the director between 1968 and 1970. The new scholarship of Debrecen Summer School is a kind of salute and acknowledgement of his work.

The holder of the scholarship must be a foregin citizen who is a researcher or a teacher in the field of Hungarology. The scholarship means free admission for the two-week course of Hugnarian language and culture, and supports the cost of accomodation and meal.

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