DAB 2009


The local section of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences held a commitee meeting in their Headquarter in Debrecen. There are several hundred of presentations were held and scientific
publications have been published in the local Committee.

The local university provides a good bacground for the scientific life.
In mid-May the most important task will be the meeting of the Regional Committees, when the local committee hosting the event.

Last year"s most important work was the joint cooperation with the Hungarian Scientific Committe of Transylvania. They held a number of events together like was the linguistic lecture of prof. Janos Pentek, the head of the Committee of Kolozsvar (Cluj) -said Istvan Bitskey, local chairman. 300 scientific publications were held last year in Debrecen.
A couple of new academican could report about their work and results. The scientific life is in a very good position here because the world-famous local university.

Prof. Sandor Damjanovics and Gyorgy Balla and Lajos Blasko received a plaquette.

They have spent 5million forints to renovate the terrace and the balcony and placed a new plasma tv
into the hall of the building.

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