DVSC was defeated in Albania

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DVSC was defeated 0-1 by the Albanian Skenderbeu team yesterday in the 2nd qualifying rounds of the Champions League. The return match will be held next week in Nyíregyháza.

 Champions League qualifiers, 2nd round, 1st match:

 Skenderbeu (Albanian), Debrecen VSC 1-0 (0-0)

Korce, 8000 viewers

Referee: Nikolai Yordanov (BUL)

Goal scorer: Plaku (65.)

Yellow cards: Radas (59.), Plaku (66.), Orelesi (69.), Vucaj (73.), Muzaka (86.), Kuli (94.), illetve Bódi (6.), Coulibaly (29.), Varga J. (87.)

Shehi – Gvozdenovic, Radas, Arapi, Fagu – Muzaka, Orelesi, Vucaj, Allmuca – Plaku (Bicaj, 93.), Xhafaj (Kuli, 84.)

Debreceni VSC:
Novakovic – Nagy Z., Simac, Mészáros N., Korhut – Bódi, Varga J., Szakály P., Rezes (Máté P., 91.) – Kulcsár T. (Ramos, 72.), Coulibaly

After the two opportunities to score and the superiority of the Albanians in the first minutes the match became balanced and the Debrecen crossed the midfield more often, although the team could not develop an opportunity to score. Then, at half-time Skenderbeu got the upper hand, they could have scored more goals, but once Novakovic protected, then the strikers missed the chance, finally the goalpost saved the Debrecen VSC.

Later on, the Albanians continued to develop and miss good situations, while the Hungarians seldom reached the gate. Finally Skenderbeu scored a goal in the 65th minute. The Debrecen did not work harder, moreover, the Albanians could have scored more goals.


source: MTI

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