The festival that mixes music and traditionalism

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This festival aims to give both entertainment and real cultural values instead of the standard festival experience. Besides enjoying the high quality performances of Hungarian and international bands, visitors will be able to see Hungarian folk dances and take part in various traditionalist programmes.The festival that is named “Vekeri Fesztivál és II. Árpád-házi Zenei Napok” is going to be held in the “Lake Vekeri Youth Camp” (Vekeri tavi Ifjúsági Tábor és Kemping) on 21-23 June, 2012, in a beautiful, green environment. The organizers expect thousands of visitors who are going to be entertained by nearly 50 performers on 3 stages and in several tents during these 3 days. On a press conference held on 5 March, the representatives of the organizers said they had selected the programmes in a way that they would provide quality entertainment to the younger and the older age-groups at the same time.


The event is designed especially for rock and metal lovers but those who are into electronic music will also find their places there, as one tent will be devoted exclusively to this music style. Renowned international bands are going to perform at the festival, such as Amorphis, the pioneers of the Finnish doom-death metal, Norther, the Finnish power metal band or Eluveitie, the most famous representatives of the Swedish folk metal and Akela, Deák Bill Blues Band, Kalapács, Kowalsky meg a Vega are among the Hungarian performers. As a real speciality, a so called Rock&Roll Circus is going to be held on day 0. Mixing rock music with jugglery, the circus will surely be a memorable experience for all the visitors.


The organizers would like to give special attention to talent management. Therefore, several amateur bands will be provided possibilities to appear in front of a large audience. Besides this, the final round of an ongoing talent search is going to be held on day 0 of the festival. Traditionalism is also going to play an important role at the festival. The interested ones can take part in numerous traditionalist programmes, such as yurt construction, beading, jugglery etc. Albert Simon, executive director of the organizing company Pro-Fa S.T. Kft. said it was their goal to make this festival one of the most famous and popular Hungarian festivals in a few years.

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