The DVSC handball team acquired an Olympic champion French player


In the person of Océane Sercien-Ugolin, the Olympic champion French right-hander will be confirmed next summer by the women’s handball team of Debrecen.

According to the news on the club’s website on Tuesday, the 25-year-old player’s contract will be for two seasons.

Sercien-Ugolin has previously played for AS Fontenay, HBC Antony, Issy Paris and Slovenian side Krim Mercator Ljubljana, and currently plays for Norwegian Champions League champions Vipers Kristiansand. With her country’s national team, she won gold at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics and silver at the 2021 World and 2020 European Championships.

Zsolt Ábrók, the managing director of DVSC Handball Kft., said on the current channel M1 that the result of the long work has now come to fruition, as they have been talking to each other for three years. The striker was still playing in Krim Ljubljana when she broke through, had a very good season and was noticed.

“The repertoire of our attacking game is greatly broadened, as she is a fast, athletic player who is good at gaining advantages, can excel in one-on-one attacks, passing shots, and is a good defensive player in the second position, who has very serious international experience”

she explained.

She added that they are always looking for players for their playing style and playing system, and it took a Champions League appearance to get the French handball player.

On the club’s website, Sercien-Ugolin said that she is currently hampered by a minor injury, which is why she cannot take part in the Olympic qualification world championship starting on Wednesday.

She revealed that DVSC’s inquiry came at the best time because she wanted to change anyway and was looking for a team where she would constantly get the chance to play, so she could continue to develop.

“I really liked what I read about Debrecen and what I saw at their matches. It has young, talented players who are agile and ambitious, and it is no coincidence that they are also in the Champions League. The club is developing year by year and has serious goals in Europe. It is important for me to be on the pitch as much as possible and I really like challenges, and that will be in Debrecen”

she added.

(Debreceni Nap)

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