Debrecen’s pirouettes achieved good results in their most recent competitions


The Pirouette dancers took part in new competitions.

As written, on October 28, 2023, they performed at the Halloween Tiszavirág Dance Cup V. in Szolnok at the Tiszavirág Arena. At the same time as the competition in Szolnok, 2 of their competitors participated in the International Qualifying Dance Competition of the Revolution Dance Cup, the Halloween Cup 2023 competition.

The second fitness and dance show competition of the season, where we presented 27 fitness exercises, of which 25 solo and 2 small groups, and in the Dance Show category a duo and a small group took the stage

– can be read in the report of the dance studio.

The following results were achieved: 3 1st place, 5 2nd place, 3 3rd place, 4 4th place, 1 5th place, 4 6th place 2 7th place, 1 8th place , 1 9th place, 1 10th place, 1 11th place, 1 12th place, 2 gold ratings and the special awards.

• Mózsik Boglárka Lilla 4th place
• Hanna Kádár 1st place
• Small group LOSE YOURSELF 1st place
• Small group WITHOUT LOVE 1st place
• Bartuska Bella 2nd place
• Milán Matolcsi 2nd place, special prize for the youngest talent
• Sára Dankai 2nd place
• Szófia Tóth 2nd place
• Mozsár Hanna 2nd place
• Petrus Izabella 3rd place
• Little Katya 3rd place
• Image writer Hanga 3rd place
• Lilla Nóra Kovács 4th place
• Kamilla Szász-Almási 4th place
• Kedves Árven 4th place
• Dorottya Kiss 5th place
• Nora Földesi 6th place
• Lili Kenyhercz 6th place
• Luca Fodor 6th place
• Hanna Barbara Tóth 7th place
• Hanna Szabó 7th place
• Vincze Laura 6th place
• Oláh Melani 8th place
• Anna Usztics 9th place
• Anna Sári 10th place
• Léda Seprényi 11th place
• Takács Lilla 12th place
Special prizes:
• Youngest talent: Milán Matolcsi
• Bokor Small Group Gold rating
• Toaster Gold Certification
Special prize:
The most successful dance school
• Vas Amira Sára silver rating
• Bakó Lila silver certification

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