There will be a motorcycle flat track world championship race in Debrecen on Saturday


Debrecen will host the fourth round of the motorcycle flat track world championship – the European version of the American oval track motorcycle races – on Saturday, the organizers announced at a press conference.

Norbert Baráth, the managing director of Speedwolf Sportsorganizer Nonprofit Kft., said that after last year’s World Cup, there is a second opportunity to organize the event at the Perényi Pál Salakmotor Stadium.

The competition promises to be very high-quality and intense, as the first three World Cup races ended with close results: the competitors are at the top of the table with 60, 59, and 58 points. The streak ends next Saturday in Italy.

The race in Debrecen received 30 entries from 12 countries. In addition to the Spanish, Italian, French, Polish, Dutch, German, Czech, Italian, Austrian, and Hungarian riders, there were also riders from Argentina and Japan, including an Austrian and an Argentinian lady.

The Hungarians are represented by the young slag motorist Zoltán Adorján and Tamás Miklósi, who started with a free pass.

Adorján said that this race will be deep water for him, as he is competing in a traditional cinder bike, but he is counting on the support of the public and hopes to finish as a scorer.

On Friday, those interested can watch the compulsory training session for the competitors for free, while for the competition starting at 15:00 on Saturday, those under the age of 14 can enter the stadium for free, and the others can enter the stadium at a reasonable price, with a HUF 3,000 ticket.



Photo: illustration.

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