Surprising twist: this could be Loki’s new head coach


The club failed to reach an agreement with the Croatian Zoran Zekic, who was previously considered a great candidate for DVSC’s bench, so it is likely that the Serbian Srdjan Blagojevic will be the runner-up, learned.

Janeiro: they did not interfere with my work at DVSC

The 49-year-old trainer, born in Belgrade, will soon be introduced as the new head coach. Loki could be Blagojevic’s 14th team in 14 years.

In his homeland, Blagojevic worked mainly for smaller teams, his best-known team was FK Indjija, which is currently in the second division but has been in the top flight several times. In January 2020, the coach became legion, he sat on the bench of the Kazakh Kaszpiy Aktau, where he worked in a total of 53 stakes matches, then from November 2021 until last week, he managed one of the best-known local clubs, FK Asztana.

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