DEAC is entering the ice for a gold medal, they have also received new jerseys


In the first betting match of the 2021/2022 season, DEAC is already on the ice for a gold medal in the Andersen Super Cup. The people of Debrecen who won the Hungarian Cup in the spring will clash with the champion Fradi for the Super Cup on Saturday afternoon – writes

The hockey team from Debrecen held a press conference with great interest. Ákos Balázs was the first to address the event. As he said, it is the task of the municipality to support hockey in Debrecen, as most children play sports here. “We want to be the economic, cultural and sports center of the region, and we can work together for success,” the deputy mayor said.

Lászlóné Lóczi Marianna Kovács said the previous season was a period ending with excellent results for DEAC, and one of the most beautiful successes was the victory of the hockey team’s Hungarian Cup. We are sorry that there were no spectators during the season. We tried to compensate the tenants by being able to watch the matches on the stream for free, and this year we are not raising prices and we want the stands to be full again. We have launched a bus to the Andersen Super Cup, and we will try to offer you new discounts and ideas for the rest of the season. But the most important thing is for the team to provide performance on the field that will delight the fans. ”

András Fodor thinks that this year’s championship will be very balanced, with an exciting run. After that, he also talked about goals. “It’s a basic expectation for the team to get into the playoffs. It won’t be easy because the field is strong, but we strive to succeed. And in the knockout phase, anything is possible. ”

David Musial said life didn’t stop after the cup win, the team quickly threw themselves into the job so we could prepare for the next season. “There were arrivals and departures, which is natural for a team, but overall there hasn’t been much change and I hope we look forward to a good season again. We were a little overshadowed by our preparations that there were injuries, but now almost everyone is fine – unfortunately Zoltán Hetényi has not yet recovered – which is important because we have a very difficult match against Ferencváros. I can already guarantee that we will offer the maximum, just like in the new season. ”

This year, the design of the jersey will be renewed, which is named after Áron Kecskeméti. He said that the gold color appeared on the equipment, referring to the victory of the Hungarian Cup. “The corridors of the ice rink show the former jerseys. We want to make a nice history of hockey in Debrecen, and I think the next chapter is this set. I hope we have good memories of that too. ”

Photo: István Derencsényi

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